Make sure the shoes are dry before removing dust and other things with a shoe brush. Use cleaning foam on tough stains.


Treat with greasy paste that re-oils the leather. Then the leather gets a freshly oiled look while protecting and impregnating. Note that light shoes can darken some shades during a treatment like this.


Although impregnation spray can clog the pores in the skin, it is still a good solution to give the shoes a water-repellent surface, however, it is still a substitute for proper shoe care that contains polishing with cream and polish/wax.

Clean, care and protect!
When you are done with the outside, the next step is the inside. Let your shoes rest sometimes and use another pair. A pair of feet can sweat up to 100 ml every day depending on activity, so it is good to protect the shoes inside with an insole (Icebug Insoles for example) that also provides a better comfort and fit. You can also use wooden shoe blocks when the shoes are resting, as wood has a high absorbency. Use shoehorns when you put on the shoes and you save on the shoe's heel cover. Different types of shoes require different types of materials to function optimally in varying conditions. HereĀ you can read about the materials we have chosen to have in our shoes!